“I’m a newbie”, “I want to make a good impression”, “What comes next?”

1st. Introduce yourself

You can fill in the contact form from my website or write me at indicate your name, e-mail and a phone number.

First impression matters. I would like to read something about you. Write me a few lines so I can imagine you. Describe yourself or tell me how your day was… or -why not- about your musical preferences. Anything that brings me closer to you.

You following me on social media, where you found my site or why you want to meet me are details I’ll always be glad to know, in case you want to share.

Finally, you can tell me about our date in broad strokes: location, length, approximate time… It’s not about doing a formal appointment at this point but to let me know about your idea of our future encounter.

2nd. Take your time

Within 24 hours, a welcome email will be sent to you. It has attached a link to all the information you need to consider in order to schedule our appointment. A discreet WhatsApp or SMS containing your password will be sent to your phone number.

    *No reply? Click here.

Having verified the information, this is the best moment to clear up any doubt. Please, use again the email. I don’t answer phone calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages.

3rd. Let's arrange to meet

The more ahead of time, the easier to arrange to meet. A 24 h+ scheduling is always required. When you are ready to schedule, you can write a reply containing the following details:

  • Day and time (you can give different options, if your availability allows you for it)
  • Location
  • Length of our appointment

Please be aware that to complete this request means part of my available time being blocked for you. Be considerate and make your request when you’re sure of your availability in that pointed date and hour.

Time to relax. I got you on my agenda and we are meeting very soon.

Do you feel gallant?
Maybe you want to take a look at my Wishlist.

No reply…

24 hours and no reply may be due to one of the following causes:

Missing any of the mandatory information.

Please make sure you have correctly indicated the information requested (name, phone number and email address).

A valid mobile phone is needed to receive your password.

The contact route is not adequate.

I only respond to emails and messages sent through the contact form on my website.

I do not answer phone calls or respond to SMS, WhatsApp or messages received through social networks.

I'm on hiatus.

You’ll find this information published in the events section of my website and on social network.

Your e-mail will be answered when I return from my vacation.

The content of your message is inappropriate.

A sloppy message, written in a disrespectful or overly inquisitive tone or including explicit language will not be taken into consideration.

I suggest you to review your message and reformulate it if necessary.

If none of the above points is applicable, then surely your message has not arrived. Sorry for the inconvenience: you can write me again to the e-mail address

Thanks for your understanding.